Court Usage Policy

ELTC provides courts for members Social play, Competitive play and participation on the Club's Coaching Programme.

We aim to make The Club inclusive and welcoming for all members, by spreading the opportunities to book courts according to the policy explained below.


Courts can be booked by an 'online booking system' or by an 'on-site paper booking system'. The online system shows the Indoor Courts (A,B,C), Floodlit Clay Courts (5, 6, 7), and All Weather Courts (1, 2). It indicates when these can be booked online or whether at times the paper booking system is used. The seasonal Grass Courts (6 courts), Court 12 and Mini Tennis Courts 1 and 2 are always booked using the paper booking system.


  • Online booking fees vary based on the day/court/time
  • These bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance
  • A member can top-up their credit by topping up online using a Credit/Debit card
  • Booking charges can be shared using the "transfer credit" function
  • Members must cancel their courts if they no longer wish to use their booking
    • If the cancelation is made with more than 48 hours' notice, they are automatically refunded as credit
    • If the cancelation is made within 48 hours, and the court is then re-booked, they will be refunded as credit
    • If the cancelation is made within 48 hours, and the court remains un-booked, then the member will be charged
  • If a member does not take up their booking on a regular basis, they may have their ability to logon suspended
  • Members cannot make consecutive bookings on the weekend between 11:00 and 18:00.


  • Paper bookings can be made from 7am each day in the club foyer
  • A court is only officially booked once it has been filled out on the paper booking system
  • Bookings can only be made when all players are "ready for play". For clarity, if any player is already on court in another booking they are not "ready to play".
  • Booking in advance may only be made when there is a current booking in play and all players should remain at the Club in case the current booking finishes early and they can then adjust the booking
  • When making a paper booking the players can play for a minimum of 45 minutes without having to vacate the court for the next booking.
  • Should after 45 minutes there not be another booking on the court, the players may continue to play on the existing booking until such time as another booking comes on court or the game is completed. For clarity on this, after 45 minutes members should not make another booking for another 45 minutes, they should only re-book when they have had to vacate the court
  • Players may use courts without booking, but may be asked to leave if an official booking has been made
  • Players will be asked to leave the court if there is a booking (junior/adult coaching, social or a team match)

COURT BOOKING (Midweek / Midweek Day and Parent Guardian Members)

  • The court booking arrangements above apply only at the times where the membership category is valid
  • The exception to this are the mini tennis courts which can be booked at any time for playing with junior members
  • Additionally, members in these categories can play at other times up to 3 times a year providing they pay a visitors fee (details below)


  • Guests are welcome to come and play with ELTC members
  • The guest fee shown on the noticeboard must be paid, and visitors book completed, prior to play starting
  • It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure the guest plays in the spirit of the game
  • Members may bring each guest a maximum of 3 times during a year


  • Club Coaching Programme regular court bookings are made through The Club
  • Members individual coaching sessions should always be booked by the coach
  • The Coach must inform the Club to release any regular court bookings if they are not being used
  • The Coach must release any individual coaching session court bookings if they are not being used
  • Court usage distribution is shown on 'Court Usage Weekly Structure'
  • Club Coaches cannot book ad hoc courts for coaching at the following times:
    • Monday Thursday after 1900
    • Saturday and Sunday between 1100 and 1800


  • Juniors have access to play on the Junior Coaching Programme
  • Juniors can book the mini tennis courts at all times
  • Juniors (other than the Coaching Only Category) will have equal booking rights as adults for all other courts at the following times:
    • Monday Friday until 1900
    • Saturday and Sunday until 1200
    • Outside of these times, adults have priority to book
  • When at least 4 grass courts are in play, juniors have equal booking rights as adults at all times


  • Internal matches can be booked using the court booking systems
  • For the Club Annual Summer Tournament there are temporary arrangements announced at the start of the tournament to allow 3 set matches to be completed uninterrupted
  • Members should write "T" on the booking sheets to indicate a tournament match is in progress.
  • Courts can be booked in advance for club matches through The Club


  • Play in the spirit of the game
  • Treat other members with respect
  • Recognised tennis clothing and shoes must be worn by all players
  • When going on court all players should try to enter at the same time to minimise the disruption of play on other courts
  • If balls stray onto adjoining courts wait for the adjoining court's players to return the balls rather than walking on or behind the court
  • If balls from the adjoining court enter the court, please return these reasonably promptly
  • The clay courts should always be dragged after use unless the next booking has specifically requested not to do so
  • Under no circumstances should anything be left on the court or its surrounds (including balls) at the end of a game

Court Usage Policy will be reviewed periodically

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