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Winter Singles League - Update

Dear All, The first session of the Winter Singles League came to a close on Wednesday and in general I think it was the best match completion rate that I can remember. Some very impressive results, Vincent Gaugry won 4 out of his 5 matches and retained his position at the top of the league. Mili Shah also won 4 out of 5 in league 1 and has gained promotion to the premier league, once again challenging the men for top spot. David Charlton won all his available games to secure promotion to League 1. Hugh Pile and Netta Pakenham-Walsh took league 3B by storm and have forced their way into league 2. Also, very well done to Roel Houwer, Alison Trickey and Noah Lutes who all gained promotion into a higher league. The next session is now underway the web site has been updated and cards will be posted in the clubhouse this evening. For those of you, who are entering this session, please ensure you mark both the cards in the clubhouse and update the web site with your scores following each match. Please also drop you £5 entrance fee into the clubs post box marked ‘W.S.L. / attention: Mike Knibbs’ I have created a couple more leagues to reflect numbers of players and ensure competitive matches. Where there is more than one league i.e. an A & B or C all those leagues are of an equivalent standard (league 4A is not a higher league than league 4B). A couple of rules I would like to draw your attention to please; No match is complete and should not be recorded unless you have played a minimum of 9 games (then round up) or there is a ‘no show’ and you are claiming a 7-0 walk over. This is covered in rule 4 and 5 and under no circumstances can you agree a score outside of this rule. ‘Rule 11 states – You must complete at least 3 matches in a session; otherwise all your scores and your played opponent’s scores will be deleted. The played opponents will receive 2 games in lieu.’ This rule was made as there can be a varying number of games played and it attempts to balance the efforts of those who played their matches early and got a result against those who become unable to play opponents due to them becoming injured or unavailable. It will be applied, so to take advantage of this and help spread games over the session, please be aware that playing games early can be to your advantage (rather than leaving them to the last couple of weeks) It also helps the club manage court time and availability. Full Rules for the Winter Singles League are attached. Enjoy your next session, Mike Knibbs Winter Singles League Organiser

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